Adwoa Beauty - Melonberry Frizz Fighting Smoothing Gel + Vitamin C

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Melonberry™ frizz-fighting smoothing gel +vitamin c is no ordinary gel. it promotes strong hair and increased elasticity, allowing for bouncy, luscious curls. in addition to its ability to provide and lock in moisture, it reacts as a weightless volumizer and lifts your hair to make it appear fuller and softer.

Melonberry™ frizz-fighting smoothing gel +vitamin c contains ingredients with binding properties such as panthenol (vitamin b5) and squalane to help your hair appear glossy and brilliant, thus preventing frizz in humid climates.

It also features our proprietary melonberry™ blend of kalahari melon, strawberry & raspberry seed oils, married with vitamin c, squalane, and hydrolyzed rice protein.

highlighted ingredients:

vitamin c: protects against sun damage, boosts shine and promotes healthy hair and scalp.

vitamin b5: helps to reduce frizz while sealing in moisture. 

squalane: increases shine and hair's ability to retain moisture. 

marshmallow root extract: super rich in proteins and vitamins and is known to aid in calming the effects of mild scalp ailments like eczema, psoriasis, and dry scalp; it does this with the mucilage, which is a gel-like substance that becomes slippery when wet.

hydrolyzed rice protein: helps to rejuvenate hair while encouraging a healthy scalp

formulated for fine hair.