Bobeam Mo's Protein Shampoo Bar

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Mo's Protein Poo Bar is packed with nature's own proteins - eggs and yogurt. Strengthen and condition your tresses all in one wash - without the sticky mess of using actual eggs and yogurt. It also contains peppermint and ylang, ylang to which condition and stimulate growth.

Protein packed Yogurt & Egg – cleanses, conditions, hydrates, strengthens hair.

Avocado Oil – contains monounsaturated fatty acid, antioxidants ( vitamin E is among them) which moisturizes and strengthens and conditions hair. 

Peppermint - Stimulates growth, good for dry hair and scalp, removes dandruff, restores shine.

Ylang, Ylang – natural conditioner that stimulates hair growth.


saponified vegetable, oils mainly olive, glycerine kosher, or of vegetable origin, purified water, sorbitol moisturizer, from berries, sorbitan oleate, an emulsifier, soybean protein, conditioner.