Hattache - Apricot Kernel Oil (Unrefined)

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Our Natural Oils & Butters for Skin + Hair are sourced from Distributors/Suppliers who have partnered with Women Cooperatives located in rural/remote areas within West Africa, Brazil, India and other areas around the world to which the fruits/seeds are indigenous.

A major point of interest in partnering or purchasing from these Suppliers include:  The quality measures in the production of the Oils & Butters, Natural or Organic Ingredients in the products, Fair Trade, Support of small business and Social Responsibility/Commitment to our society and environment.

**Most of the Oils & Butters are Natural or Organic. Please note that no Laboratory testing has been conducted by us to confirm that these can be ingested. We stress for  External Use Only.*** 

Apricot Kernel Oil

Linoleic acid– 23%
Linolenic acid– 0.22%
Oleic acid– 70%
Comedogenic Rating– 2


  • Carrier Oil: Use to dilute essential oil
  • Benefits: Easily absorbs into skin, Great for Dry Skin, Dry Flaky Scalp, Hair Moisturizer
  • DIY/Cosmetics Projects: Use in Soaps, Creams, Make-up, Lotions, Body butters, Lip Balms. and Massage Oil 
  • Extraction: Cold Pressed & Unrefined 
  • Nutrients: Includes Vitamins A, E, & K Omega-3 fatty acids & many more.
  • Period after Opening - 18 Months

Direction: Apply & massage until absorbed. Measure for DIY projects

Ingredient: Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil