Hattache Cosmetic Clay - Fuller's Earth (Multani Mitti) Clay

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The Fuller's Earth is also known as Multani Mitti. Kaolin Clay can be used for its cosmetic benefits to exfoliate the skin. It is a highly absorbent clay which draws excess oils from the Skin, clears impurities and toxins.    

Common external uses include Poultices, Mud Packs, Detox Baths, and Skin Care recipes. It can be used for Detox, Face Mask, Hair Mask, Body Mask and Do It Yourself Beauty Projects.

Contains: Minerals and Nutrients such as Silica, Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, Aluminum and Iron.

This Fuller's Earth is recommended for external use only such as Cosmetic and personal care formulations 


  • Promotes healthy skin tone, hair and scalp 
  • Detoxify & absorbs excess oil, dead cells and other impurities from the skin. 
  • Cleanses, Exfoliates and Nourishes the skin
  • A natural cleanser; also conditions the hair
    • For very Oily Skin
    • Use as a Mask for Hair+Face+Body
    • DIY/Cosmetics Projects
    • Fine Texture / Beige Brown Color
    • Discontinue if irritation occurs


Activate clay with equal parts of water or Coconut Water. Other items to activate: Rosewater, Honey, Natural Oils, Almond Milk, Powdered Herbs Essential Oils, Glycerin, Neem Oil, Orange Peel, Papaya Powder, Sandalwood Powder and Turmeric Powder

Thick Paste Mix = Apply to Face/Skin for 15 minutes

Thin Paste Mix = Apply to damp Hair for 25 minute

Uses: Sensitive or Dry Skin/Hair

Ingredient: Ingredient: Fuller's Earth (Multani Mitti)