Hattache Cosmetic Clay - Kaolin Clay

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Kaolin Clay can be used for its cosmetic benefits to exfoliate the skin. It is a mild cosmetic clay which is good for dry, Sensitive and Normal Skin.   

Common external uses include Poultices, Mud Packs, Detox Baths, and Skin Care recipes. It can be used for Detox, Face Mask, Hair Mask, Body Mask and Do It Yourself Beauty Projects.

Contains: Minerals and Nutrients such as Silica, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc and Sodium. 

This Kaolin Clay is recommended for external use only such as Cosmetic and personal care formulations 

  • Softens Skin & Hair
  • Improves clarity and circulation to the skin
  • Detoxify & absorbs excess oil, reduces dryness and improves the skin/hair
  • Clears & Tightens pores, promotes healthy skin.
  • Use to exfoliate for smoother skin
  • Cleanses & Conditions Hair
    • For sensitive or Dry Skin
    • Use as a Mask for Face+Body
    • Softens + Moisturizes Hair + Detoxify
    • Odorless, Fine Texture/Off White Color
    • Period after Opening - 36 Months
    • Discontinue if irritation occurs


Activate clay with equal parts of water or Apple Cider Vinegar. You can also add Herbal Tea, Natural Oil, Powdered Herbs, Aloe Vera Gel or Essential Oil.

Thick Paste Mix = Apply to Face/Skin for 10 minutes

Thin Paste Mix = Apply to damp hair for 20 minute

Uses: Sensitive or Dry Skin/Hair

Ingredient: Ingredient: Kaolin White Clay