Hattache Natural Soap - African Black Soap (CRUMBLE)

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Our Natural Butters, Oils & Soaps are sourced from Distributors/Suppliers who have partnered with Women Cooperatives located in rural/remote areas within West Africa, Brazil, India and other areas around the world to which the fruits, seeds, herbs are indigenous.

A major point of interest in partnering or purchasing from these Suppliers include:  The quality measures in the production of the Oils, Butters & Soaps, Natural or Organic Ingredients in the products, Fair Trade, Support of small business and Social Responsibility/Commitment to our society and environment.


African Black Soap - Recommended for all skin/hair types. Clarifies and conditions without stripping your skin/hair of its natural oils. Strengthens the hair. Detoxifies and promotes healthy skin & Scalp. Deeply cleanses and removes product buildup. Can be used for shaving. All Natural - Vegan 

  • DIY/Cosmetics Projects: Customize with each use by adding any of these Water, Honey, Essential Oils, Camwood powder, Natural Fragrance Oils  
  • Extraction: Natural Authentic 100% Raw and Unrefined.
  • Nutrients: Includes Vitamins A, E and Iron
  • Country of Origin: Nigeria or Ghana


Skin: Make a paste with water and apply on wet skin. Rinse off.
Hair: Dissolve in water and use as Shampoo. Rinse and use a conditioner.in. Measure for DIY projects

  • Face: Use as a face soap
  • Skin: Use as a daily soap
  • Hair: Rub the paste into your wet hair to create lather
  • massage into your scalp
  • Use a wide tooth comb/de-tangler
  • Rinse (Repeat steps as needed)
  • Use a moisturizing conditioner

Ingredients: Unrefined Shea Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Roasted Plantain Skin Ash,  Cocoa Pod Ash

  • Coconut – Moisturizes dry skin, strengthens hair - Antibacterial and anti-fungal contents
  • Shea – Moisturizing and healing properties -contains vitamins A & E, soothes dry scalp and prevents skin damage
  • Plantain Skin – Helps the skin retain moisture and improves elasticity. 
  • Cocoa Pod – Softens and nourishes the skin **This product not recommended if you are allergic to Chocolate or sensitive to Caffeine**