Henna Sooq - African Chebe Powder

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African Chebe Powder is the ultimate healthy long hair treatment and mask for reaching your hair length goals. For all hair types and textures but highly recommended for type 3 and type 4 hair types. 

It is the hair care secret of an African ethnic group in Chad known to have very long naturally coarse hair that famously is known for extremely long, healthy hair. They cover their hair in Chebe herbal hair blend that keeps their hair super moisturized and lubricated which is the reason given for why they say their hair never breaks; even from childhood.

The protective style method:
Take ½ cup of your favorite conditioner(s) and mix with ½ cup of our hair oils and blend really well (or enough for your hair length and thickness). Place 2-3 teaspoon of chébé powder on the side (or as needed). The conditioner/oil mix is not combined with chebe powder at any time. The first step is to get the hair wet using distilled water or hair tea (or freshly washed) water. Detangle your hair. Using gloves, apply to your hair by alternating between the hair conditioning mix that you just made and the chébé powder mix until the hair is fully saturated. Then braid your hair.
Optionally you may want to apply extra chebe to your ends to seal. Do not apply to your scalp. When the braids are done, wet your hair again with water or hair tea. Allow to dry. Cover and wrap your hair. If your braids are secure, you can wrap your hair with a scarf or stylish cap (even cover with a wig if desired). This will be left in 3-5 days.

After 3-5 days have passed, remove any dust or particles from your braids. Refresh with water or hair tea. Using gloves, reapply the conditioner/oil mix you made. Apply chebe powder over the hair. Rotate between those two steps until braid is fully coated. Then 2-3 days later, you can take your braids and wash as usual (or prepoo). Repeat chebe treatments every 6-8 weeks.

The mask/treatment method: Mix equal amounts of your favorite conditioner and one of our hair oils and add in 1 tsp of chebe and 3-4 tsp of your favorite Ayurvedic herbs (make sure 1 or 2 of them is fenugreek, aloe or hibiscus for moisture). Mix well. Apply onto the hair strands by sections (avoiding the scalp). Leave in the hair 1-2 hours or use a heat cap to cut the time in half. Then rinse out using our cleansing cowash. Moisture, dry and style as usual.

Warning: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Always test all henna, herbs and products on your skin/scalp before use for possible allergies. Henna and Ayurvedic herbs can be drying to some hair types. Be sure to add necessary moisturizing ingredients to your hair treatments before and after. Henna can also loosen the curl pattern. Be sure to use amla or zizyphus powders or masks to maintain curl pattern. 

African Chebe Powder: Chébé seeds (Croton zambesicus/Croton du Zambèze), "Mahllaba soubiane" seeds, "Missic" resin to scent, Cloves, "Samour" resin, Scented oil, Vegetable oil