Natty Naturals - ACV Hair & Scalp Mist

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Infused with Ayurvedic herbs and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, our Heavenly Hibiscus goodness helps to cleanse and protect the hair and scalp from buildup and helps to soothe itching and inflamed scalp. The powerful herbs of Neem, Stinging Nettle and Calendula aids in soothing itchy and inflamed scalp. The wonderful addition of the Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, helps to balance the ph in highly porous hair.


Distilled Water, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar infused with: (*Brahmi, *Calendula, *Hibiscus, *Lavender, *Neem, *Stinging Nettle), Potassium Sorbate, Essential Oils of *Bergamot, *Sweet Orange, *Tea Tree


PRE CLEANSE CLARIFIER: Spray ACV Mist towards scalp. Massage into scalp using balls of fingers to loosen dirt, product buildup and debris. Follow up with your shampoo.

AFTER CLEANSE SPRAY: Spray ACV Mist onto freshly shampooed and conditioned hair to help protect scalp and close the hair's cuticle, therefore minimizing frizz and aiding in shine.

AFTER WORKOUT SPRAY: After a workout, spray ACV Mist toward scalp and massage in. After 30 minutes, hop in shower and rinse to clean away dirt, debris and buildup.

LEAVE IN MOISTURIZER and SOOTHING SCALP SPRAY: Spray desired amount to re-hydrate hair. Follow up with your Natty Moist for extra moisture and Natty Butter to lock in moisture. Spray desired amount to soothe itching and/or inflamed scalp.

Natty Natural is also know as All Things O Natural