SheaTerra Organics - Egyptian Henna Powder

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100% Super Natural & Pure. Looking for the strongest henna on the planet? This just might be it- according to all our henna aficionados. Grown in the Sahara Desert, Egyptian Henna Powder gives a fast, deep stain to hair strands as it makes hair stronger. A lot of henna powders and most prepared henna products contain toxic dye. Egyptian Henna Powder is dye free. Scroll down to discover more. 

How to Use: Add a few spoons to water or rose hydrosol to form a semi-liquid paste. How much you will need depends on hair thickness and length. It is suggested to allow liquid to set for a half hour. Apply henna to wet hair. Massage into scalp. The longer you allow the henna to set on hair the deeper the stain. It is suggested to mist hair from time to time to keep the henna moist. Rinse out thoroughly. Many resources site not shampooing hair for a few days to intensify the stain. We recommend using our Moroccan Lava Clay Shampoo Bar after a day or two. 

Ingredients: 100% Pure Egyptian Henna Powder