Sweet Sunnah - Natural Amazing Acne Gel and Skin Serum

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Our Acne Gel is made of specific plants and natural substances that penetrate the skin tissue with a cleansing and purifying action. Some plants have the function of restoring the Ph balance of the skin, other plants will inhibit the production of sebum, which is at the root of the problem, thus stopping the development of comedo and blackhead (zits and pimples).

Sweet Sunnahs Black Seed Amazing Acne gel and healing skin serum clears blemishes with no irritation and is beneficial for other skin problems. This all-natural, soothing gel dries blemishes and acne by absorbing oil, without stimulating oil glands. Soothes as it heals, it is great for bug bites, too!

This soothing healing skin gel contains all natural ingredients with no perfumes or colorings.

A household necessity, this amazing acne gel and healing skin serum is the herbal healing solution. It fights infection and helps tissues heal quickly. Therapeutically formulated to help diminish breakouts and soothe inflamed skin due to painful eruptions. Relieves skin of impurities while leaving behind essential moisture and nutrients. A cool, minty gel that helps control the production of sebaceous oils. Its antiseptic and antibiotic properties make it a must-have for first-aid kits. It treats minor skin problems and helps reduce scarring. Can be used to treat abrasions, minor skin problems, athlete's foot, acne and insect bites. Plus it tones and tightens the skin improving healing time.

fter thoroughly cleansing the skin apply evenly over affected area with a cotton ball and gently rub the face and affected areas. Do not wipe off, let the gel dry. Apply the gel at least twice a day.

The complete treatment may require 1 to 2 bottles and last from three to four weeks. Acne Gel is a distilled water based gel, it dries quickly without leaving any traces and it does not stain clothes. It makes it easy to use during daytime, in school or at work. Moreover, there are no problems with using Acne Gel and exposing oneself into the sun.

The Acne Gel acne treatment gel aims to expel the blackheads and micro-blackheads from the skin. This is the reason why, after a few applications of the Acne Gel , some people will notice a spontaneous eruption of pimples. Do not get alarmed. This is a sign demonstrating the effectiveness of the curative virtues of the product, which pushes infected blackheads to the surface and purifies the skin. Acne Gel uses this process to prevent papules (inflammation and redness of the dermis) and, a few days later, the pimples will dry up and disappear completely without leaving any traces on the skin.

Note: Acne Gel’s purifying effects also act on other skin conditions.It can be used alone or under other skin products. For external use only.

Ingredients: Steamed distilled water, aloe vera, witch hazel, black seed oil (Nigella Sativa), peppermint essential oil.