Vadik Herbs - Herbal Hair Oil (Growth, Conditioning and Shine)

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Great For Hair Growth & Conditioning Treatment

  • Potent oil blend using Gooseberry and Rosemary;
  • Excellent for Growth, Conditioning, and Shine;
  • Cooked for 72 hours for maximum herbal potency;
  • Made with all natural Sesame Seed Oil and organic botanicals;

  • Herbal Hair Oil is a one step hair growth and conditioning treatment using the treasured Organic Indian Gooseberry; the highest amount of naturally occurring vitamin C of any fruit in the world.

    Herbal Hair Oil is unique in that it can be used for hair growth (by leaving the oil in for several hours and then wash out) or as a “Leave-In Conditioner” by applying a little oil in the palm of your hand and rubbing it into the hair. It will add amazing shine and softness to the hair for the entire day, while providing the hair and scalp with key nutrients from the Ayurvedic herbs used in the formula.

    Organic Sesame seed oil, Organic Indian Gooseberry, Organic Bacopa monniera, Turmeric Root extract, Rosemary plant extract, Rose Petal oil