Zuresh - Get it Wet Hair & Body Hydration

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Great for those days when you want to wet your hair with water or you need replenish nutrients, antioxidants and moisturization to the scalp, follicle and skin. So enjoy it all over!!! So don't wet with water. Water does not hydrate hair with the food it needs and thereby does not provide any of the foods/nutrients that the hair needs to keep shiny and soft. **ALL of Zuresh hair products provide various  forms of FOOD for the hair to make and maintain at least 30% of it's own moisture!!

GET IT WET absorbs VERY quickly and has a great COCO light scent that does not overpower. It moistens the hair and scalp to make it easier to manage at the styling process. Get it Wet was created so that when added to our other products you will never have to "Wet with Water".

*** Hydrate your HAIR & BODY with Vitamins & Antioxidants !!!

Great Organics and Botanical extracts to keep you feeling soft , supple and hydrated. Aloe Vera Juice (Vitamin B complex, Folic acid, Vitamin C & Carotene),3 different Coconut Oils - heavy and light (great for Hair and skin) replenishes moisture, assists with sun protection, Vegetable Glycerin (softens & soothes as it assists the outer epidermis to retain moisture). Fig & Apricot are high Vitamins A & C . Apricot has amazing properties that revitalize, nourish & moisturize, it removes impurities & protects /regenerating & soothing process, also a good source of iron, potassium, phosphorus & calcium. The Powerful Antioxidants in Acai help to Decrease Cell Destruction. Essential Oils /Fragrance. Great with softening the tangles !!! Shake before each use. **Coconut can solidify in cool temperatures. Let sit to soften or place in warm to hot water for a few minutes. 

*Use your fingers to separate hair into sections and just spray - start at roots/scalp first. Adds Luster & Essential Nutrients to hair. Great for ALL CURLZ & Body !!! GREAT FOR LOCS! IN BETWEEN WASHING AND DAILY. **Replacing those things you sweat out especially with Natural Hair. For Chemically treated hair a few sprays before blow drying is great as a glosser.