Zuresh - Hair Pomade

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Protects, seals in moisture without having using much and nutures with great ingredients. 

Created with: Carnauba Palm Plant Wax, Castor Seed, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Soy Lecithin, Cherry Kernel Oil, Aloe Butter, Clove Oil & Essential Oil Fragrance.

Slick back looks or just to keep those fly away strands in place without all the alchohol (as in other products) that can damage and strip hair. Great to maintain twists or locks also. REMEMBER a little goes a long way. For those "ponty tail" styles, buns coifs etc. or for any style this is to replace hair gels and such products that flake and contain synthetics and tons of alcohol. Use also GREAT for sculpting short styles and natural curls. GREAT for pressing or flat ironing for straight styles. Made with ALL NATURAL oils and with Clove Oil Essential oil for fragrance. I LOVE IN ON THESE WILD CURLY ENDS JUST AFTER WASHING OR WHEN SOME CURLS WANT TO DO THEIR OWN THING!!!